Since 1993, Plaza Crystal, has been a specialist in high end lighting production, high end furniture production and fully supporting client in their custom requests. That’s why expanding our expertise into decorative lighting, architecture lighting, landscape outdoor lighting, metal master, and glass master, crystal master, wood master, and upholstery master, furniture master including architecture design and contracting were natural subsequent steps in our company’s development.

Facing to Plaza Crystal’s 24 Anniversary represents a milestone and great source of pride for family and a company. It is a company built of not only hard work, but passion for beautiful home lighting and furniture. We always starve to serve you better and provide our customer with the most recent and updated designs.



We always strave to serve you better and provide our customers with the most recent and updated designs. That is the reason why this year we proudly carry a few new big and popular brands from USA such as A.R.T Furniture and stein Word. And also Italian classical luxury brand, Francesco Molon. With this newest catalog we compile together the respective brands that we carry in our showroom that ranges from European classic, American classic, until some modern and contemporary designs, and also some project references that we did last year. We thank you for your support and prayers. that our company got to be where it is today.